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Experts in oral health say prevention is the best strategy for combating gum disease, an increasing risk for aging Americans. 

Skipping those regular dental visits during the pandemic may lead to far more trouble than a toothache.

Lots of people missed dental exams and teeth cleanings over the past year because of Covid-19. Now that many dental offices have reopened—and are considered safe by experts—it’s crucial that people catch up on their gum health. Gum disease, oral-health experts warn, has been linked to dangerous health problems in other parts of the body, including heart attacks and strokes.

“The risk of getting Covid at the dentist is negligible, but the risk of putting off going to the dentist is very high,” says Dr. Anita Aminoshariae, a professor of endodontics at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland whose specialty focuses on diagnosing tooth pain and performing root canals.... Click To Continue Reading


A Few Words From Dr. Gay

Dental implants have been around for hundreds of years. But today's implants aren't your grandma's implants, which is why millions of people are choosing them now and why more general dentists are being trained to insert implants. Dental implants, the artificial roots that dentists use to replace missing teeth, traditionally are made from titanium or an alloy of titanium... Click To Continue Reading


Saliva is a part of our physical experience that we tend not to think much about, although we are constantly aware of it. Medically speak- ing, despite our indi!erence to it, saliva is a very important part of our physiology and plays a critical role in oral health. Saliva is produced in the mouth, by three major salivary glands: the parotid, submandibular, and sublingual. In addition, there are several smaller glands that also produce about 10% of the total saliva in the mouth. Click To Continue Reading

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